How to make family photos a breeze on your wedding day

January 20, 2023


Family photos are hands down the most chaotic part of the day. Hence why I like to get them out of the way early. I like to make this as efficient as possible so here are my tops on how to make family photos a breeze on your wedding day.


I always recommend to my couples to write a shot list for both sides of family and email it to me. Then it will be on my phone ready to go, instead of relying on someone to bring a piece of paper. I do not mind how many family combinations we do, however for the sake of your smile, I recommend keeping this as minimal and straight forward as possible. So that you don’t have to be smiling for an entire hour and then still have to head off for your bridal portraits. For example, full extended family photo, immediate family, siblings only, parents only and grandparents only. For each side.


I will then get you to choose one reliable and loud person from either side of the family, who will be able to assist me finding your family members. Make sure you’ve told this person that they will be helping myself, and to find me as soon as the ceremony has concluded. I will then be able to hand them my phone with the full shot list and they’ll get to work organising the family whilst I start photographing the combinations.


Organising family members can be difficult, especially on a big event like your wedding day. That is why it is so important to be organised with a strict list of who you want. It is common to have family members, on the day request different combinations that you might not want as it will be eating into other important time. The list will allow me to capture only what YOU want photos with at that time and I can politely request to the family member to hold off these particular photos til reception. It’s important to get the most important family members captured, like your grandparents. Then do cousin or aunty photos in the evening.

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