Do I need a wedding videographer?

January 20, 2023


As a wedding photographer and videographer duo, we have couples who are always tossing up whether to higher a wedding videographer as well as a photographer.

Absolutely not being biased but wedding videography is 100% WORTH IT.

Yes, photography is essential at your wedding, however, instead of flicking through 800+ images in years to come, you can watch your entire day back in under 10 minutes.

You’re not just creating a wedding video, you’re creating a family heirloom film that your family and children will watch again, and again and again.

Your wedding video will take you through the day from the beginning right through to the dance floor and will capture all those moments in between. Like hugging your mother after you’ve walked down the aisle. Popping champagne to welcome the new chapter of your life. Even capturing your first kiss in motion. None of this you want to forget or have tucked away in an album.

When we chat with our past couples, they always say that on their anniversary, they will sit down on the lounge, with a drink and watch back their wedding video. They often say that every time they watch it, a new scene they hadn’t seen before pops up or that the video meaning changes over time. It gives you a chance to reflect on how much has changed since then to now, where you are today and how much you’ve achieved in that time.

Although expensive, the memories are priceless.


Listening back to your father speech is an opportunity that is priceless. Videos that include audio are truely the most personal and special part to wedding videos. They allow you to remember the words of family members and allow you to share this with new family members in years to come.

Now easily the most important reason for wedding videography today. It’s all too often that friends and family cannot attend weddings due to border closures, restrictions and caps on guests. Wedding videography allows you to really caption the emotion of the day and send it through to family and friends who could not attend.

If you’re still not convinced. Take a look at Jess & Josh’s Wedding Film.