Planning a wedding in the midst of a lockdown is not an easy task. You can’t visit your shortlist of beautiful venues, head away for a weekend of trying on dresses or book in with your cater to sample the menu. 

It’s a difficult and frustrating time but I am here to run you through how to get prepared even when you can’t leave your home. This is the perfect time to plan your wedding. You won’t have any more time on your hands than when you’re in a covid lockdown. So start planning now to take all the pressure off when things do open up! 


With a backlog of weddings from 2020 and now the backlog of 2021 weddings. Your vendors are booking out quicker than ever before. The key to securing your preferred vendors is to lock them in early. 

It’s easy to get disheartened when your dream vendors book out. The best way to avoid disappointment is to create a list of your top vendors in order of importance, next to each one have at least 2 backup options. If your preferred vendor books out, you can quickly check the availability of the next vendor instead of starting your research again.


This will be your best friend to tackle planning a wedding in a covid lockdown. In your initial enquiry, ask each vendor to set up a zoom call together so you can get to know each other. This is a great way to know if you are the right fit for each other. The vendor can answer any wedding-related questions and explain their process on the day.


Purchase a wedding planner and plan out everything that can be done whilst in lockdown and what can be done after lockdown. You will be surprised by everything that can be done without having to leave your lounge room. 


  1. Book all vendors.
  2. Book a virtual tour online with venues. 
  3. Nail your wedding theme and colours. You can actually purchase all the wedding decor you need online.
  4. Put together a lookbook of your favourite wedding dress styles, ready for shopping after lockdown.
  5. Decide on colours or styles of dresses and suits with your bridal party, this will make the shopping process way easier. 
  6. Book pre-wedding photoshoot.
  7. Research and start planning a rough timeline for the day.
  8. Appoint the organiser of the hens and bucks so they can utilise the lockdown to plan an epic party. 


(all these meetings SHOULD be booked during lockdown)

  1. If you haven’t booked your venue via a virtual tour, book viewings for the first weekend after lockdown so you can secure your venue.
  2. Book a meeting with your caterer to sample the menu options.
  3. Head to the city to purchase dresses and suits with the bridal party.


After you’ve checked your vendor’s availability, ask them to supply you or tell you about their covid policy. This is round two of extensive lockdowns in Australia, so most vendors have got their covid policy down pat.

The current industry standard is that businesses will postpone your wedding, free of charge to any date in the future that they are available. However, if you choose to cancel your wedding completely they will refund all money except your booking fee. All details and pricing usually will stay the same when postponing your wedding, even if it’s 12+ months in advance. Some industries like photographers, videographers and florists are allowing you to downsize your wedding to an elopement if you are considering cancelling your big wedding. You can still use your booking fee and have an amended package to suit your needs. 


Deciding on a plan b is the most important step when planning a wedding in covid. Whilst you’re in lockdown, use this time to chat with your partner to decide on a plan B that you’re both happy with. The entire state can be locked down in a matter of hours, and this could happen on the week of your wedding. If you have to make a quick decision, having a plan in place will make this process easy. 

Choose a wedding date in the future that suits and as soon as a lockdown starts looming on your day, contact all vendors to check their availability. Alternatively, discuss with vendors the possibility of changing your big wedding to an elopement or small intimate wedding on the same date. You may have to cancel some vendors but the ones you keep will most likely be flexible with this and all that matters is that you’re married! 

Sarah x